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Why is Pre-wedding video shoot a must for every couple?

The ‘happily ever after’ love story begins when your heart beats for someone so special. The day when you look into each other’s eyes and say ‘I Do’ marks the beginning of a beautiful journey together.  But before the Baraat and Bidaayi, you both deserve to have some candid moments together. Pre-wedding video shoot and photoshoots are the new trends for young couples to immortalise their love in a fun and quirky way.

Are you reluctant to have a pre-wedding shoot? Let’s give you 7 solid reasons why you should go for it.

  1. Say ‘goodbye’ to camera fear: It’s a great practice for people who are nervous in front of the camera. While posing for your pre-wedding video shoot just before the wedding day, you can easily get to know about your best cuts and you also get comfortable with the photographer. Therefore, you’ll not be conscious on your wedding day and can get great photographs effortlessly.
  2. Worthy rehearsal: Your pre-wedding video shoot is almost like a rehearsal makeup and hair session and you can exactly know what suits you the best. Therefore, there is no chance of messing your wedding day photographs since you already know what style you can pull off easily.
  3. It’s a charmer: You can play the Pre-wedding video shoot in your reception with soothing background music. It will easily charm all the guests and will beautifully tell your love story.
  4. A prelude: You can make the best clicks of your shoot a part of your wedding album too. This could be a perfect prelude to your spectacular wedding album.
  5. Lasting memories: You can dedicate a wall of your home to these pre-wedding photographs. Perfectly framed photographs will not just look beautiful on the wall but will add more grace to your living room.
  6. Different settings: You can have a completely different location for your background since this shoot will be on a different day. Therefore, your final album will not look monotonous and will have photographs clicked at different locations.
  7. Its Romantic: Yes, we said what you want to hear! Pre-wedding shoots are truly a candid expression of love for eachother. This shoot fills the air with love and sets the romantic mood for your wedding. A seasoned and creative photographer can provide a platform for your deepest emotions and capture them through his lens.

If your wedding is right around the corner, go ahead and contact some of the leading Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi for a memorable shoot. We assure you, it’s going to be absolutely fun!

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