5 Striking Wedding Cake Ideas You Could Try

The wedding cake is the piece de resistance at the reception party. So, why go for the normal chocolate and vanilla frostings. With cake artists offering so many exciting options, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to creativity. Here are 5 striking wedding cake ideas as per leading candid wedding photographers in Delhi.

  1. Superhero Swag

Do you both simply love your superhero movies and cannot wait for the next Infinity Wars to release? Why not take things up a notch and have a superhero cake at your wedding? The bride can be Wonder woman and the groom can be her Batman!

  1. Shape it up

Cakes do not always need to be circular. Triangles, squares, and 3D designs rule the roost. Get as creative as you can with the shape of your cake and it will definitely make for some great photography in your wedding album.

  1. Watercolor wonder

A trend that is fast catching up is a cake painted in food colors to resemble a watercolor canvas. The designs are innumerable and your centerpiece will look truly like an art installation.

  1. Quirky Cakes

Do you and your partner have your pet peeves? Maybe he loves football too much or you simply cannot resist shoe shopping? Tell these stories through the design on your cakes to personalize the pastry even more than ever!

  1. Gold Foil

Take your wedding cake into an ultra-glam mode with a matte white cream coat layered with gold foil on the final tier. Add flowers and edible art for a super smooth finish that is bound to leave everyone speechless.

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