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When did you last time have a movie made? Shortly a few days before or a month back? What was the budget? Did you get professional help?  Well, there are many questions that keep on creeping into mind for reasons clearly showing the worry about the shoot, delays in costume ensembles, equipment, lights and camera installation and what not.  So many things are there at hand and too much of a pain to handle. Yes, pain because filming a movie isn’t a child’s play.  Obviously whether big or small, a movie is a movie.  Its total team work. From writer, producer, director, editor, cameraman, costume personnel, actors, voiceover artists, the list is endless.  Even if one has this team ready, its indeed an uphill task to make this whole team execute operation in parallel motion.  To fix budget within limit, there is of course a lot of preplanning at the shoot beforehand to be ready for the next. This whole process involves great critical analysis and lastly, professionalism.

THE VISUAL HOUSE is a one stop solution to all what your movie needs.  Here, we constantly innovate ideas that depict a true sense of creativity which separates our work from other media houses.  It has been a journey of experience backed by 7 years of hard work and appreciation that we stand here today very much involved, highly confident and invincible.

Why would you need us?

Our teamwork has produced numerous award-winning artifacts, documentaries, art films, advertisements and commercial movies.  Engaging in content, substantially slick, TVH stands clearly beyond compromise.  Honored the best documentary filmmaker in Delhi with Directorate of Advertising and Visual publicity (DAVP) award, you need not look beyond.  An upfront crew ready to accept and implement suggestions and amendments, we feel that each idea must be original and effective in approach.  This lends us to constantly edit, modify and conceptualize the artwork to attain the best result.  To get this, we have one of the highly creative teams comprising of Directors, Script Writers, cameramen, actors and post production specialists on board.

We offers contemporary, modern and art content with conscientious polish and realism.  One of the best film production company in delhi, we do undertake film production, advertising, branding, and Marketing.  Television programs, corporate films, audio-visual presentations, short films are also some more types that the Visual House beautifies.


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