ASLAM KHAN -Web Developer.An enthusiast who knows how to build and manage websites.He is a hardworking employee who has a vast knowledge about his work and is quite efficient in it too.



 ARSHPREET SINGH-Digital Marketer.He  identifies and evaluates new digital technologies and uses Web analytics tools to measure site traffic to better optimize marketing campaigns, email marketing, social media and display and search advertising. He has a smooth hand at his work.



 LISA SAHGAL-Event Management. She manages  and perfroms event coordination activities. Coordinate details of events such as conferences, auctions, charity events, trade shows, art exhibitions and virtual events.She’s pretty good and confident at what she does.



 ALTAMASH -Videography and Video Editing.He’s good at capturing moments.His job icludes filming, editing and delivering outstanding video content .



 RAHUL RAJ-Digital Marketer.A young tech savy who is quite efficient at his work.He oversee the online marketing strategy for their organisation. They plan and execute digital (including email) marketing campaigns and provide backlinks for websites.



 NAYAN KULSHRESHTHA-Social Media Marketer.He is responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for a business’s social media sites.He collects customer data and analyses interactions and handles all the social media such as facebook,twitter,instagram etc.



  ANURUDH KUMAR-Digital Marketer. He is responsible for planning, implementing and managing company’s overall SEO strategy. He cover a wide variety of duties such as web marketing, web analytics, content strategy planing, link building, and keyword strategy.